Christmas Trees @ The Heron

Christmas Trees @ The Heron

Strathaven Christmas Trees @ The Heron

Homegrown and local Christmas Trees.

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We have been growing real Christmas Trees since 2008 here on our farm near Strathaven, and have been supplying these direct to local people for the past few years.

We have homegrown Norway Spruce and Nordmann Firs, and we also source trees from another local grower.

Nothing beats the sight and smell of a real, fresh Christmas tree!

Tree varieties:

Norway spruce – a more traditional shape, lose their needles sooner but smell wonderful – this is our personal favourite and is what we have in our own house. We cut our spruce to order, ensuring the tree is as fresh as it possibly can be.

Nordmann fir  – retains its needles longer and has bushier branches. Now the most popular Christmas tree.